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Edible Mother's Day Flowers

My favorite kind of Mother’s Day flowers are the edible kind! I bought these edible flowers and flowering herbs yesterday at the Portland Farmers Market.

I don’t know what it is about eating flowers, but I have a mild obsession with it. Maybe it’s because I can finally live out my childhood fantasy of eating all the flowers!

When I was young, I would smell flowers and have an overwhelming feeling to just take a bite out of the flower, but I never did. This happened particularly with roses and peonies, but lots of other flowers too.

So now when I see herbs at the market that are flowering, or straight up edible flowers for sale, I have to buy them! I swear that flowering thyme tastes better than regular thyme.

Thank you to all the farmers responsible for growing these beauties so that I may nourish myself and my family with this amazing flowering food!

Sage and chives from Simington Gardens

Thyme from Gee Creek Farm

Forget-me-nots, sweet alyssum, and calendula flowers from Raymond Kuenzi Farm

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