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Gardenscape Quiche: Beautiful Edible Art

If you haven’t already seen the culinary trend known as “gardenscape focaccia,” it’s worth the google image search. The premise is simple: use vegetables to design a garden scene on top of focaccia dough before baking to yield beautiful, edible art.

Since bread is rarely part of my diet these days, I decided to try this trend with quiche instead. This was my first attempt, and it turned out okay. I mean, the quiche was delicious, and it was fun to have different pieces with different flavors. But the design of it was a learning experience that revealed what to try next time.

As you can imagine, uncooked quiche is much less firm than uncooked bread, so applying the toppings was a delicate matter. I think next time I’ll try half-baking the quiche before adding the toppings so they don’t sink down quite as much. Frankly, the pre-baked version was more attractive, but the finished product was still super fun.

Toppings used for this Gardenscape Quiche:

Chive blossoms

Cherry tomatoes

Beet greens


Purple cabbage


Flowering Thyme

All ingredients were purchased at the Portland Farmers Market!

Support your local farmers!

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