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How to Make Lilac-Infused Honey (Video)

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I love lilacs so much, and I’ve been having a lot of fun using them in the kitchen. I am a lover of many kinds of flowers, however edible varieties really light me up. I was especially eager to pair lilac blossoms with local raw honey from Winters Farms.

Years ago I remember reading something at Mark’s Daily Apple about having a spoonful of honey before bed to improve sleep. Then recently, I saw on Dave Asprey’s blog that having a bit of honey before bed can help your brain function better at night and allow you to get a deeper sleep.

From that blog post I found the linked study that states raw honey possesses anxiolytic, antinociceptive, and antidepressant effects (translation: it may reduce anxiety, sensations of pain, and symptoms of depression).

Other studies suggest that the polyphenols in honey have neuroprotective effects and help to preserve the structure and function of the nervous system.

There is also evidence that honey has nootropic effects, improving cognitive function, memory, creativity, and motivation.

There's even a clinical trial in progress with a goal to examine the potential efficacy of honey as a treatment for patients with COVID-19 (this is in addition to standard care, not in place of). See details at

Whether it be taken for health benefits, or just because it tastes damn good, this lilac infused honey is worth the (very little) effort it takes to prepare. Lilac season is almost over, so if you have access to lilacs and love honey, watch the video below and give this a try!

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Video: Stephanie Paris


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