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Seasonal Saturday: Double Up Food Bucks

I wasn’t able to get to the Portland Farmers Market until close to closing time, but I was still able to get this wonderful assortment: dandelion greens, red kitten spinach, collard leaves, flowering spring garlic, leeks, carrots, pink radish, shiitake mushrooms, pastured ground beef and ground organ meat.

I also chatted with a fellow at the information booth about the Farmers Market Fund and their dedication to providing under-served populations with access to healthy, locally grown food through the Double Up Food Bucks program. This allows SNAP (food stamp) recipients the option to spend $10 of their SNAP dollars at a participating farmers market, and they get an additional $10 match to buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. While the PSU farmers market is too large to participate in the program, I learned of many other Portland area farmers markets that do. For more information, check out the Farmers Market Fund.

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