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Seasonal Saturday: Purples & Oranges

Grateful today for the window of dry weather during my weekly trip to the Portland Farmers Market. Look at all this colorful winter produce!

Here’s what I got this week from the PSU Portland Farmers Market:

Flowering tatsoi, January king cabbage, Italian parsley, onions, carrots, kumquats, sorrel, and mizuna lettuce, from Groundwork Organics

Maitake mushrooms from Rick's Wild Mushrooms

Garlic from Persephone Farm

Chickweed from Gee Creek Farm

Red/purple chard (I think ... I didn’t actually ask what it was!) from Simington Gardens

A few other things I picked up today that aren’t pictured:

Beef bones for broth from Deck Family Farm

Lamb bacon, lamb tail, and chicken eggs from SuDan Farm

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