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Seasonal Saturday: Quarantine Times

I finally made it out to the Portland Farmers Market today! They were being very cautious about allowing only a certain amount of people in the market at once, and facilitating social distancing at the booths by placing chalk marks on the ground that guided where lines should be formed. I would say the majority of people at the market were wearing face masks, which I was happy to see. I saw one that was made from a Bill Murray T-shirt, so that the bottom half of Bill Murray’s face lined up perfectly with the dude wearing it.

A reminder to all with SNAP benefits: all through April, the Double Up Food Bucks program will match up to $20 when you use your SNAP card to purchase farmers market SNAP tokens! What a blessing.

This week’s haul was a big one since I haven’t been able to go for a number of weeks:

Kale, chard, carrots, baby bok choy, purple broccoli, and potatoes, from Groundwork Organics

Shiitake mushrooms from Rick’s Wild Mushrooms

Ground organ meats and beef bones for broth from Deck Family Farm

Goose eggs from Pine Mountain Ranch

Smoked salmon from The Smokery

Garlic from Salmon Creek Family

Italian parsley from Sunrise Organic Farm

Ground beef, ground lamb, and chicken eggs from SuDan Farm

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