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Seasonal Saturday: The Hidden Benefit of Photographing My Groceries

Today I became presently aware that I really love taking the extra 10 minutes to set up these #seasonalsaturday photo shoots. It gives me a chance to really take a look at my groceries for the week, and start menu planning. The best part is that I can refer back to the photos to remind myself what I have so it doesn’t get lost in the fridge. Reduce food waste!

As much as I’ve been loving the sunshine, it felt good to get out and about in the spring rain. I feel so grateful that I live within walking distance of the Portland State Portland Farmers Market.

Last week my shoulders got sore from carrying home all my groceries, so today I was smart and brought my rolling cart.

A reminder to those in Portland with SNAP benefits: next Saturday is the last weekend the PSU farmers market will be offering the Double Up Food Bucks match vouchers. Other smaller markets will be offering the vouchers in May and beyond.

This week’s haul:

Shiitake mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns from Rick’s Wild Mushrooms

Pickled cucumbers and huge tomatoes from Salmon Creek Family

Rosemary lemon hummus from Roundhouse Foods

Sugar-free bacon from Tails And Trotters

Pastured ground beef and chicken eggs from SuDanFarm

English walnuts from Sungold Farm

Blueberry spelt muffin, broccoli sprouts, and raab braising greens from Gee Creek Farm

Goose eggs from Pine Mountain Ranch

Carrots, beets, onions, parsnips, and Italian parsley from Groundwork Organics

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